New ‘Heart to Heart’ podcast episode discusses stress

In his latest “Health Care Heart to Heart” podcast, UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, and his guest explore stress and its impact on our lives.

Sarah Fischer, PhD, UNMC’S director of wellness programming, joins Dr. Gold for the new episode.

During the podcast, Drs. Fischer and Gold discuss the impact stress can have; different types of stress, including “acute stress” and even “good stress” (such as a new job or a new baby); being aware of the stressors in your life; and the importance of self-care.

Dr. Fischer, who is an assistant professor of psychiatry at UNMC, also works at the Active Support for Psychosis and Recovery (ASPIRE) Clinic.

Dr. Gold’s discussion with Dr. Fischer now is streaming. “Health Care Heart to Heart” posts new podcasts about twice a month, as Dr. Gold speaks to national, regional and local health care leaders on issues of importance. On each new episode, Dr. Gold and his guests will share information, explore health care challenges and opportunities and leave listeners thinking about how they, too, can make a difference. 

“Health Care Heart to Heart” episodes will be updated on the official podcast website and can be streamed on the following platforms: SpotifyApple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.