From social media: Insaf Omar, Human of UNMC

Insaf Omar

Insaf Omar

From UNMC on Instagram (@iamunmc) and Facebook (@unmcedu): 

Insaf Omar, second-year medical student in the UNMC College of Medicine:

“I chose a career in medicine to leave my mark on the world, whether that means saving the life of one patient or 1,000. I’m glad to have chosen UNMC as the place to help fulfill that dream.

“In my time here, I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned that I can endure incredible amounts of pressure while staying optimistic, with the help of friends and family. Support is crucial when it comes to taking on medical school, and I am grateful to have lots of it.

“I am excited to use what I have learned here at UNMC to help patients in Omaha and, eventually, all over the world.”


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  1. Lisa Spellman says:

    What a beautiful spirit! Best wishes on your journey Insaf!

  2. Lina Elsayed says:

    best wishes!

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