Nominate public health champions for the third annual Nebraska Public Health Defender Award 

Ashlei Spivey and Ashley Carroll recognized as 2022 Nebraska Public Health Defender Award recipients. Ashlei Spivey and Ashley Carroll pictured with Dr. Magda Peck, co-founder of UNMC’s College of Public Health. Ashley Carroll (left), Dr. Magda Peck (center), Ashlei Spivey (right).

The UNMC College of Public Health, Office of Public Health Practice is excited to announce that the 3rd Annual Nebraska Public Health Defender Award will be given on March 27, 2024 at the Nebraska Public Health Conference. 

Please nominate colleagues and public health champions from any community or organization across Nebraska by Feb. 16, 2024.

The Award will recognize one rising public health practice leader who exemplifies an unwavering commitment to health equity and social justice, and who has spoken truth to power. Through demonstrated leadership, they create conditions for all communities to be healthy and thrive.

Nominees should be people who helped advance the health and well-being of Nebraskans, and should demonstrate the characteristics of perseverance, innovation, focus on equity and moral courage. The award recipient will receive a cash prize of $1500, a full scholarship to the Great Plains Leadership Institute and more. 

Nominations are accepted through Feb. 16 and should include the following: letter of nomination (Self-nominations are welcome), nominee and nominator contact information, overview statement of nominee’s contributions (limit 2,000 words) and illustration of the 4 leadership attributes. In addition, two additional letters of support/agreement (limit 1,000 words). 

Nominees must be early and mid-career professionals with a minimum of 5 years experience and a maximum of 25. They must have documented accomplishments that lead to improved health, safety and wellbeing; prevention of disease and disability; and/or the advancement of the mission of public health for the population of Nebraska; and specific examples of perseverance, innovation, focus on equity or moral courage.  

The 2023 recipient was Dr. Alex Dworak of OneWorld. Ashlei Spivey (I Be Black Girl) and Ashley Carroll (CHI Health) were the inaugural recipients in 2022. 

Please send all materials to: 

NPHD Award Nomination Committee 

C/O Brandon Drozd