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Retirement representatives will hold meetings on campus

UNMC will offer individual retirement meetings on campus to assist employees with their retirement account questions and concerns.

Employees can schedule a meeting with TIAA and Fidelity representatives and meet with them on the UNMC Omaha campus.

A representative from TIAA will be at UNMC on April 3, May 1 and June 13. One-on-one counseling sessions can be scheduled through TIAA’s counseling advice service by calling 1-800-732-8353.

A representative from Fidelity Investments will be at UNMC on April 3, April 23, May 7 and May 23. Call 1-800-642-7131 or go to this Fidelity link to schedule an appointment.


  1. Dana Schwarz says:

    No issue scheduling with Fidelity, however, Tiaa knows nothing about these meetings.

  2. Jason Carper says:

    The Fidelity link does no allow information to be subbmitted.

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