Community engagement survey open through April 30

Dele Davies, MD, senior vice chancellor for academic affairs, and Heidi Keeler, PhD, assistant vice chancellor of the UNMC Office of Community Engagement

The UNMC Office of Community Engagement and UNMC, through the office of Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dele Davies, MD, invites the UNMC community to participate in a survey that documents the work and dedication of faculty, staff and students in serving in and engaging with the community. 

Individual Community Engagement Survey

Take the survey.

The survey collects information on five types of community engagement – community engaged advocacy, education, research, clinical work and service,  as well as more specific information about partnerships. 

Community engagement aligns with the university’s ITEACH (Innovation, Teamwork, Excellence, Accountability, Courage and Healing) values, Dr. Keeler said. “The survey can help us to highlight this mission driven work.” 

For access to past report data, or for questions related to the survey, contact the UNMC Office of Community Engagement by email.

“Our faculty, staff and students contribute well beyond our tripartite missions of research, teaching and providing clinical care, serving the communities in which we live and work in so many ways,” Dr. Davies said. “These partnerships with our communities and service within them are among what make UNMC stand out and are much of the reason for which we were the first health science center in the nation to receive the Carnegie Community Engaged Campus designation.

“This survey is one of the many ways in which we capture the great work being done, while also identifying areas in which we can be better partners.”

The biannual UNMC-wide Individual Community Engagement Survey, designed to gather information regarding community engagement activities and partnerships across the organization, measures key community engagement indicators and activities for academic health centers. 

“We want to tell the story of the great work that is being done with our community,” said Heidi Keeler, PhD, assistant vice chancellor of the UNMC Office of Community Engagement. “Community engagement is a strategic initiative for UNMC. By completing the survey, you actively increase our ability to make connections, identify opportunities and create supportive engagement infrastructure based on the collective data.”

The current survey, measuring engagement data from Jan. 1, 2022, to Dec. 31, 2023, is available in Microsoft Teams and accessible to all UNMC users. Once the survey is complete, respondents can save and use the survey answers as a reference to augment the service component for annual evaluations. The campus community is asked to complete the survey by April 30.


  1. Kathy Kaiser says:

    Drs Davies and Keeler congratulations on this work, Community Engagement is such and important part of the missions of UNMC.

    1. Heidi Keeler says:

      Kathy! Still using all that you taught me so many moons ago! I am proud to serve UNMC and the community in this way.

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