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From social media: Shelter pups celebrate Ellie’s gotcha day

The Nebraska Humane Society celebrated a unique anniversary alongside UNMC last week, marking the one-year anniversary of Ellie the Lab as UNMC’s mascot.

On Facebook, the humane society noted: “Since then, she has become a symbol and representative of the students in this very special area of study. Ellie was inspired by a black Labrador that has attended events on campus over the years, as well as all of the other service and therapy animals that frequent UNMC to provide assistance to the students and faculty.

“Our shelter pups want to wish Ellie a happy one year anniversary, and hope that they soon get to become a mascot for their forever homes! “Wanna help them achieve that goal?? See our available dogs here.”

UNMC’s Facebook responded:

“Thank you for helping us for celebrate Ellie the Lab’s one year anniversary as the official mascot of UNMC! Ellie has truly become a symbol of our students’ dedication and the special bond we share with our furry friends.”

Here are the shelter pups congratulating Ellie with a social media post on X:


  1. Heidi Keeler says:

    This is the best collaboration ever! So LOVE this!

    1. Aurelie says:

      Right?! So good!

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