Remembering Patrick Gottsch, Rural Media Group founder

Patrick Gottsch

Patrick Gottsch

Patrick Gottsch, founder of Rural Media Group Inc., parent company to RFD-TV, The Cowboy Channel, The Cowgirl Channel and Rural Radio 147, passed away Saturday, May 18.

Gottsch grew up on his family’s farm in Elkhorn, Nebraska, where he learned first-hand the importance that rural America plays in the lives of everyday Americans.

He began his journey into the broadcasting world starting with Superior Livestock Auction in 1991 and has spent the last 35-plus years shining a spotlight on rural America, farmers, ranchers and western sports.

He always thought outside the box and wasn’t afraid to introduce new ideas that would grow the rural and western way of life.

One such idea is “Rural Health Matters,” a live weekly program on RFD-TV. It offers rural viewers a direct line to engage with leading medical experts through an interactive call-in format fostering meaningful conversations tailored to their unique health care needs. Everything from living with diabetes in rural areas, to farm safety, to rural allergy triggers, to improving cancer care in rural areas is discussed on the show, and the subject changes each week.

UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, has hosted the program for the past five years and in April was chosen by Rural Media Group for its inaugural Heartland Hero Award.

The Rural Health Matters initiative not only fosters direct connections between rural Americans and the nation’s leaders through live discussions, but also raises awareness about the significant challenges in rural health care. The show has inspired informed decision-making at the highest governmental levels, ultimately leading to improved policies for rural health care and a better quality of life for rural Americans.

Dr. Gold said: “Patrick Gottsch had a deep passion for rural America, and he showed that when he created the weekly program ‘Rural Health Matters’ on his RFD-TV network. He built a forum in which UNMC could partner in bringing vital and trusted health care information to rural communities across America – which through his vision improved policies, awareness and lives.

“It has been my honor to host the program, and my deepest sympathies go out to Patrick’s family and friends.”


  1. Phil & Kay Cardwell says:

    Praying for comfort and peace for his family and friends. He will be missed!!

    1. Linda J Hutchins says:

      Prays to hold family, he will be miss deeply.. what a blessing he was. Thank you for all you did in this life. Prays and love ❤️

  2. Michael Gadomski says:

    What a tragic loss! He made us in the rural community the feeling that we mattered.

  3. Glen R Williamson says:

    So sorry for this loss of a great family man and hero of rural America. He will be missed.Condolences to the family.

  4. Dewain coil says:

    You will be missed thank you for everything you have done rest in heaven

  5. Keith Sundance Ruff says:

    Prayers for his family and friends. His legacy will live forever. I’m sure God has placed him in a special place in heaven so he can do a special report for all of us. Stay tuned!

  6. Mary Davie says:

    Deepest sympathy to the family and all at RFD & cowgirl channel through this difficult time. Patrick was an innovative visionary who has promoted rodeo and the western way of life. Ride high cowboy, you have paid your dues. Prayers and hugs

  7. Floyd Armstrong says:

    Prayers for Patrick ,, his family an his friends. Good man gone too soon.
    Gods speed Patrick

  8. Nancy Houseright says:

    From kingsport.tennessee.we have watched Rfd tv for a long time.we love it and we are very sorry for the loss.He loved his grand babies.we hope the family is doing sorry. Nancy Houseright

  9. Mickey Dorsey says:

    The loss of a loved one or family member is always tough! However, Mr. Gottsch introduced many more to his rural way of life while reminding others of their traditional roots. He helped to remind folks that it takes a lot of hard work to produce the nutrition we all require. He put rodeo in the living rooms of people who have never been to one. He did all of this in a short life dedicated to reminding us that we all need each other to make this world work.
    Thank you for sharing your rural and western values with us. You are home safe with a loving Lord who will protect and comfort your family and friends.

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