Dr. Gold is ‘lamplighter’ in post-pandemic initiative

Jeffrey P. Gold, MD

Following the start of the American Democracy and Health Security Initiative on June 4, UNMC Chancellor and incoming University of Nebraska President Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, is lending his voice, experience and expertise to the national effort.

The American Democracy and Health Security is offering actionable steps to advance the nation’s health security for the future – “lighting a path forward amid pandemic polarization.”

The initiative is led by the Pandemic Center at the Brown University School of Public Health, the COVID Collaborative and the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Bipartisan Alliance for Global Health Security.

On the initiative’s website, Dr. Gold is among the “lamplighters” highlighted. They are credited as state and local leaders who innovated in the COVID pandemic and reveal solutions, strategies and systems to advance the United States’ health security.

In telling UNMC’s experience on the initiative’s website, Dr. Gold said: “I would characterize the time of critical decision making by simply saying that we leaned in. We tried to fill a void.”

He discusses how UNMC activated its long-established resources, provided guidance based on science and data to elected leaders and reached rural residents through “Rural Health Matters” on RFD-TV.

See more from Dr. Gold on the American Democracy and Health Security Initiative website.

Watch videos of Dr. Gold participating in a conversation led by the initiative.

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