Residency Events

Team building with a bit of BBQ!

Winter fun with colleagues and their families at The Mark!   

Fall outing with colleagues at Skinny Bones Pumpkin Patch!   

The 2019 annual picnic was held July 1st at Elmwood Park.  A chance where we welcome our newest residents, fellows and faculty and their families.  

2019 Pathology and Microbiology Graduation was held on June 21.  Congratulations to our newest members of UNMC Alumni!  We also congratulate our residents as they complete another year of hard work and dedication!  

The 2019 Lincoln Marathon.  

The Early Bird 10-Mile Run with colleagues.

How to chase the winter blues... go bowling!  One of many outings for colleagues to step away and regenerate.     

An outing with colleagues at Valas Pumpkin Patch.  Dr. Punsoni (bottom far left) is a crack shot, hitting all six targets.

The annual picnic to welcome our new additions was held at Elmwood Park Pavilion. 

A recent outing with colleagues at the Sempecks Bowling Alley.   

Residency Events

Our typical annual events include: our Welcome picnic for our new additions, the McFadden Lectureship and Banquet, Pathology and Microbiology's Holiday Party and the House Officer Graduation Banquet

Labor Day


alumni banquet 2017