Central Scheduling Office

Spaces across all UNMC campuses are available for use by the UNMC community and outside groups. Here's what you need to know in advance of contacting our office to schedule your meeting or event.

  • Events and classes will start on the hour or half-hour. They must end 10 minutes before the hour or 20 minutes past the hour (example: a meeting at 10 a.m. will end at 10:50 a.m., not 11 a.m.)

Note: Academic courses are not scheduled through this office or its room-scheduling form.

Schedule a Room or Study Space

Scheduling UNMC Rooms and Spaces

Basic planning information for UNMC employees and non-employees:

Event Information

Policies and Fundraising



  • Complete a Fundraising Request Form (Raffles are not permitted)
  • For fundraising questions contact UNMC Business & Finance Services at 402-559-5200
Scheduling a non-UNMC sponsored event
  • Make sure you meet the criteria for scheduling a UNMC space.
  • A UNMC or Nebraska Medicine employee or department must serve as a primary contact and handle details.
  • Non-UNMC sponsored events must be approved by the Department of Strategic Communications. You must assume costs for set-up, catering, technicians, housekeeping, etc. The use of UNMC public spaces requires written approval from this office before notice or advertising of an event.
  • The activity must be related to the mission or directly benefit UNMC, Nebraska Medicine, their employees, students or affiliated organizations.
  • Schedule your event through EMS or the Room Scheduling Form

Room Scheduling Deadlines

Deadlines vary based on the type of meeting or event, and on the type of space or room you are requesting.