Central Scheduling Office (CSO)

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What is the Central Scheduling Office (CSO)?

The mission of the Central Scheduling Office (CSO) is to coordinate with UNMC and community partners to optimize the scheduled use of facilities across all UNMC campuses in the promotion of its mission of transforming lives through premier education, innovative research, and extraordinary care.

CSO operations are driven by the Space Scheduling and Fundraising Policy with three main purposes:

  1.  Collaborate with UNMC colleges to schedule courses
  2. Assist in the scheduling of events and meetings throughout UNMC and
  3. Provide usage data to UNMC stakeholders

Need to request a room for a meeting or event?


UNMC Employees

  1. Review our new Room Scheduling Website Instructions before scheduling your event.
  2. Request your though the University of Nebraska Reservations and Events site.

Non-UNMC Employees

If you are a non-UNMC employee, visit the Non-UNMC employee page. Space scheduling for all sales, exhibitors, vendors, classes, symposia, or fundraising events require prior approval.

Important Notes:

 Fundraising Guidelines:

In addition to the general guidelines, fundraising activities must also follow these guidelines: