UNMC Investigators (rates effective 1/1/2021):

Consultation and Protocol Development:
Initial Consultation No Cost
Assistance with Protocol Development $35 - Hourly
Training & Space Rental:
Technical Training No Cost
Self-Serve Equipment & Procedural Space Usage

$25 - Hourly*
$100 - Half-Day**
$192 - Full-Day
$450 - Weekly (Half-Day**)
$900 - Weekly (Full-Day)

Data Collection, Analysis, and Software Usage:
Core-Administered Data Collection & Analysis $70 - Hourly
$272 - Half-Day
$528 - Full-Day
$1280 - Weekly (Half-Day)
$2560 - Weekly (Full-Day)
Core-Administered Data Analysis $70 - Hourly
Use of Core Analysis Room/Software No Cost for data
generated in the core.

$10/hr for data
collected outside the core.
Self-Serve Rat Exercise Physiology Assessments $20 - Daily Rate***
Cleaning Fee: $50/incident

Self-Serve Hourly Rates of $25/hr will be approved on a case-by-case basis for a limited number of assays only. Requests for use of the self-serve hourly rate should be submitted to the Core Director in advance. Approvals will be determined at the discretion of the Core Director.

** Self-Serve Half-Day Procedure Policies: Procedures which require extensive and ongoing set-up and system maintenance, such as the Morris Water Maze, will only be available for full day scheduling at the discretion of the core director.

*** Self-Serve Rat Exercise Physiology Assessments: Service available per advanced approval by Comparative Medicine and the Director of the Animal Behavior Core only

Cancellation Policy: Reservations must be cancelled a minimum of 72 hours in advance to avoid incurring the charge associated with the originally scheduled procedure.

External Investigators:

Please contact the core for details regarding our external fees and services.