Fee Schedule

Fee Type Rate
Project Initiation/Administrative Fee* $1,000 per project, BSL-3 organism, or grant
Room Fee for Suite E (~114 ft²) $450 per room/month
Room Fee for Suite B, C, and D (~160 ft²) $500 per room/month
Room Fee for Suite F (~175 ft²) $550 per room/month
Entry Fee** $10 per person, per entry
Autoclave Fee $15 per load
Additional Staff Training Fee $100 per person

*Project Initiation/Administration Fee includes review of all required documentation and training of PI, along with a maximum of two staff members.

**Entry fee covers the cost of the initial PPE donned in the anteroom, which is required for entry into the biosecure corridor and working suites. Additional gloves are available in the biosecure corridor cabinet for use if needed, but the cost of this item will be charged to the associated PI.

Bleach to make 10% solutions and 70% isopropanol for disinfecting surfaces are provided at no cost. However, specialize disinfectants must be approved by the IBC and supplied by the PI and/or associated staff.

Several autoclavable plastic general-purpose tubs and autoclavable plastic pipet tubs with lids are provided for use to authorized personnel working in the BSL-3 Core Facility for each working suite, but these are only for use in this facility. Disposables (i.e., sharps containers) and specialized supplies (i.e., autoclavable liquid discard containers) need to be supplied by the PI and/or associated staff.

Bringing cardboard into the BSL-3 Facility is strongly discouraged, since this item will need to be autoclaved prior to disposal. Therefore, the PI and associated staff are encouraged to use the PI’s autoclavable plastic tubs to transport various supplies (i.e., sterile filtered pipette tips, sterile tissue culture plates, sterile serological pipets, media, etc.) that are needed into the BSL-3 Core Facility.

Acknowledging the Core

If any manuscripts, presentations, and grants include data generated from the use of the BSL-3 Core Facility, please include the following sentence in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT section.

 ‘The University of Nebraska Medical Center BSL-3 Core Facility is administrated through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and is supported by the Nebraska Research Initiative (NRI).’'

Notify Us

Please send the full citation of publications that include data generated from the use of the BSL-3 Core Facility to Marilynn Larson (Director) for the annually required core facility report.