University of Nebraska Medical Center

Professional Development

Our goal is to help you achieve career success.

At UNMC, we believe your graduate school experience should encompass more than classes, research, presentations, and publications. You should not only be gaining academic knowledge, but building a professional skill set as well.

That's why we offer a variety of professional development opportunities to build the leadership, communication, and personal skills you’ll need for a rewarding and successful career in academia, business, entrepreneurship, non-profit or government.

Professional Development Opportunities

Career Counseling

Our counselors can provide you with additional insight, information, and perspectives on career opportunities and professions.

Certificate and Proficiency Programs

These non-degree programs enhance your background and create further career opportunities and possibilities upon graduation.

Dissertation Boot Camp

Writing a dissertation is a hurdle for many, but our four-day session gives you the tools needed to overcome the challenge. Turn your procrastination into a PhD.

Individual Development Plan

Establishing an IDP will give you the tools to reach your professional goals and make sure you stay on track.


Gain insight from an experienced professional in your field. Their knowledge of your desired career means you’ll be getting first-hand advice, tips, and guidance on what to do while on your academic path.

Teaching Skills

UNMC Graduate Studies has a variety of opportunities for you to obtain and grow the teaching skills needed to thrive as an educator.

Workshops and Seminars

Programs and gatherings designed to grow your professional skill set, including communication, leadership, teamwork, writing, and more.

Lunch & Learn Series

Taking place on the third Thursday of the fall and spring semesters, the Professional Development Lunch and Learn Series provides you with various seminar topics to help develop professional skills.

A woman holds a microphone and speaks to fellow students in a lecture hall