University of Nebraska Medical Center

External Funding Opportunities

Non-UNMC Assistantships and Fellowships

Your assistantship or fellowship does not have to come from UNMC. Many outside corporations, businesses, and agencies provide funding for graduate students. We encourage you to apply for these external funding opportunities, and we provide additional incentives to you for successful applications.

External Funding Incentives

  • If a student submits a NIH F30 or F31 fellowship application that is not funded, despite receiving a high Impact/Priority Score (defined as 30 or better), the student’s Supervisor will receive a one-time award of $1000 to be used for supplies or travel in support of the student.
  • Every PhD student who receives external funding* covering at least 75% of his/her stipend will receive a scholarship (20% of the standard UNMC stipend) each year for the duration of the external funding. This scholarship is intended to supplement the student’s fellowship.
  • If a PhD student who currently holds a Graduate Studies A/F receives external funding* covering at least 75% of his/her stipend, an amount equal to 20% of the standard UNMC stipend will be provided to the Supervisor’s research program (prorated for the duration of the UNMC fellowship) to support projects on which the student is working, travel to conferences, or other aspects of the student’s training.

* The external funding must be awarded to the student as the result of a competitive review process. Eligible funding programs include (but are not limited to) NIH F30 or F31 individual fellowships, American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowships, PhRMA Pre Doctoral Fellowships, and Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships.

If you receive external funding covering at least 75% of your stipend, or receive a score of 30 or better on an NIH F30/F31 application, submit documentation of the award through email.