University of Nebraska Medical Center

Costs and Funding

UNMC students sit around tables outside on the Omaha campus.

If you’re looking up information about graduate school, odds are you already understand the struggles that can come from juggling work, school, and finances. Here are a few things you need to know when it comes to finances and UNMC:

  • At UNMC, we work to make our tuition affordable year after year.
  • Many graduate students have their tuition waived because of the laboratory and research work they do.
  • You'll be living in a city that's ranked among one of the most affordable places to live.
  • Nebraska residents receive a cost savings on tuition (make sure to review Nebraska residency requirements if you've recently lived or enrolled outside of Nebraska).

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Five women speak in a conference setting

UNMC Dean of Graduate Studies Conference Attendance Scholarship for Minority-Focused Scientific and/or Professional Conferences

These scholarships are meant to support student attendance at minority-focused scientific and/or professional conferences. The scholarship amount is up to $500. Attendance at the conference can be either virtual or in person.

Financial Aid

At UNMC, financial aid comes in the form of assistantships, fellowships, loans, and scholarships. A combination of these can help relieve some of the pressure that comes with paying tuition costs.