University of Nebraska Medical Center

Individual Development Plan

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Creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) allows you to explore the types of careers that would fit best with your abilities and interests. The platform gives you tools for setting plans to reach professional goals and provides many ways to make sure you stay on track. Additionally, discussing an IDP with a mentor or advisor is a productive way to discover what your coursework and training should focus on.

Create your own using myIDP, the tool recommended by most UNMC programs.


Students must complete an IDP during the first year of graduate study.

Students should revisit and update the IDP each year in order to update the information, evaluate progress toward career goals, and establish new goals for the coming year. The IDP makes up a component of the student’s Annual Evaluation & Progress Report.

Reporting Procedures


Each student is strongly encouraged to discuss the IDP with his/her mentor. Moreover, each student must upload the IDP Certificate of Completion in Seguidor. (If using myIDP, an IDP Summary can be generated in PDF format as the last step of completing the online process. Similar documentation should be provided if the Graduate Program recommends a different IDP tool/format.)

NIH grantees

Investigators receiving NIH support (regardless of funding mechanism) should report the use of IDPs in the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) Section B. Accomplishments, Question B.4 for all graduate students and/or postdoctoral researchers reported in Section D. Participants or on a Statement of Appointment Form (PHS2271). The report should outline current practices that document that IDPs are used to help manage the training for those individuals. Investigators are not required to submit the actual IDPs in progress reports to NIH.