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Equivalent Degrees

Credential Evaluation

To proceed in the application process your international transcripts or marks sheet must be sent to an evaluation service for a course-by-course evaluation. Detailed instructions on sending your WES evaluation to your application.

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What Your Degree Means in America

A Bachelor's degree in the United States usually refers to four years of post-secondary education and is required to apply for a Graduate Studies program. However, we don't expect our international students to have a Bachelor's degree. You just need to have one that is equivalent, such as:

  • Bachelor's degrees based on at least four years of study from Japan, Korea, People's Republic of China, Taiwan, and Thailand
  • Bachelor's degrees representing four years of study, such as the B.Eng. or B.Tech. degrees from Bangladesh, Burma, India, Nepal, Pakistan
  • Honours Bachelor's degrees from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and British-Style schools and universities
  • Bakalar, Diplom or Diploma, Inzenýr, Licenta, Magister, or Oklevél from East European states
  • Bakalavr, Inzenýr, Magister, or Specialista requiring four years of study from former Soviet republics
  • Diplôme, Maîtrise, or a professional title such as Ingénieur from France/French-style universities
  • Diplom or Magister Artium from Germany
  • Licenciado or Titulo from Central America, Latin America, Mexico, Portugal, or Spain

In some educational systems, a degree can be received after three years of post-secondary education. Students with this degree can still be eligible to apply for Graduate Studies. The degree must be evaluated by Graduate Studies admission staff, and it must also be recommended by the Graduate Committee of the program applied to.