University of Nebraska Medical Center

Transferable Skills Digital Badge Program

UNMC also offers a digital badge program that is focused on specific transferable skills including:

What are digital badges?  Digital badges are online microcredentials and not academic credits that allow you to showcase your achievements and skills gained through co-curricular learning experiences.  They are visual tokens that when clicked into, will provide key information including the issuing institution, date earned, criteria required to earn the badge. Digital badges are versatile credentials and can be used on social media sites, such as LinkedIn, or added as a link on a digital resume and/or teaching portfolio.

Each digital badge reflects a minimum of 25 badge hours, and this time counts toward both a Transferable Skills Digital Badge and the Service-Learning and Professional Development Badge Program.

More information about the digital badges and for instructions for recording your hours and collecting your digital badge(s) can be found here.*

*This link will  be coming soon.  For the time being, please just start working toward your badge hours, documenting your time, and preparing reflections as you would for the Service Learning and Professional Development Badge Program.