University of Nebraska Medical Center


Graduate Studies Leadership Team

Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dean for Graduate Studies

Leadership Profile

Executive Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Associate Dean, Postdoctoral Education & Research, Graduate Studies

Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Success

Terri Vadovski

Director, Graduate Studies

Graduate Council Members

The Graduate Council is comprised of graduate program directors and members of the Graduate Studies staff. The Council, in conjunction with the Dean, is responsible for Graduate College activities at UNMC.

H. Dele Davies, MD, MS, MHCM

Dean for Graduate Studies

Kendra K. Schmid, PhD

Executive Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Karen A. Gould, PhD

Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Success

Iqbal Ahmad, PhD

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Sophia Kisling

Graduate Student Association President

Mark D. Shriver, PhD

Applied Behavior Analysis (MS)

Moorthy Ponnusamy, PhD

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (MS)

Jenenne A. Geske, PhD

Biomedical Informatics

Christopher S. Wichman, PhD


JoEllyn M. McMillan, PhD

Environmental Health, Occupational Health & Toxicology

Edward S. Peters, ScD


Tammy L. Webster, PhD

Certificate in Applied Health Informatics

Certificate in Quality Improvement

Health Professions Teaching & Technology

Healthcare Delivery Science

Tzeyu Michaud, PhD

Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Research

Hongmei Wang, PhD

Health Services Research, Administration & Policy

Matthew C. Zimmerman, PhD

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (IGPBS)

IGPBS - Integrative Physiology & Molecular Medicine

Medical Physiology (MS)

R. Katherine Hyde, PhD

IGPBS - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Michael Jordan Rowley, PhD

IGPBS - Bioinformatics & Systems Biology

Joyce C. Solheim, PhD

IGPBS - Cancer Research

Rakesh K. Singh, PhD

IGPBS - Immunology, Pathology & Infectious Disease

Andrew T. Dudley, PhD

IGPBS - Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology

Erika Boesen

IGBPS - Integrative Physiology & Molecular Medicine

Medical Physiology

Keshore R. Bidasee, PhD

IGPBS - Neuroscience

Justin L. Mott, MD, PhD

MD-PhD Scholars

Samantha M. Simet, PhD

Medical Anatomy (MS)

Gargi Ghosal, PhD

Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology

Laura D. Bilek, PhD

Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area (MSIA)

Nicole M. Rodriguez, PhD

MSIA - Applied Behavior Analysis

Joshua L. Santarpia, PhD

MSIA - Biological Defense & Health Security

Jennifer Larsen, MD, FACP

MSIA - Clinical & Translational Research Mentored Scholars Program

Carol A. Casey, PhD

MSIA - Clinically Relevant Basic Research

Sharon J. Medcalf, PhD

MSIA - Health Practice & Medical Education Research

James K. Wahl, PhD

MSIA - Oral Biology

Ka-Chun (Joseph) Siu, PhD

MSIA - Patient-Oriented Research

Roxanne Vandermause, PhD, RN


Luis A. Marky, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences