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Lunch & Learn

The Professional Development Lunch and Learn Series provides you with various seminar topics to help develop professional skills. Each event explores a different topic designed to assist you in building a skill set that will help you succeed as a graduate student and can be used as you move forward in virtually any career. Time management, writing an effective cover letter or CV/resume, job search and negotiation strategies, career exploration, budgeting and financial planning, leadership and teamwork development, communication skills, and health/wellness are just some of the many valuable topics covered in this series. The Professional Development Lunch and Learn Series takes place on the third Thursday of the month during the fall and spring semesters.

Spring 2023 Schedule

January 19: Title: Virtual Panel Discussion with UNMC Graduate College Alumni: Career

                   Options and Experiences 

February 16: Title: Budget Management and Financial Literacy

Speaker: Jamie Wagner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Economics, University of Nebraska-Omaha)

March 16: Topic: Developing Your Leaderships Skills as a Graduate Student

Speaker: Yun Saksena, BDSc, MMSc, DMD, Associate Professor, Department    of Adult Restorative Dentistry, Associate Dean for Education, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, UNMC College of Dentistry

April 20: Topic:  Networking Strategies and Skills OR Career Exploration/Making

    Choices About Your Career Path)

Speaker: Hyung-Ran (Nana) Lee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Director, Teaching Stream of Graduate Professional Development, and Director of Mentorship and Graduate Professional Development for Research and Graduate Education, University of Toronto


To suggest a topic for a future UNMC Graduate Studies Professional Development Lunch and Learn event, please email Dr. Karen Gould, Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Success (kagould@unmc.edu)

Career & Professional Development Events across NU campuses

UNMC, UNO, UNL and UNK have partnered to jointly offer Career & Professional Development events for graduate students across all NU campuses. This means you can attend events at other campuses. For more information, see the links below:

Host campus websites

Event Registration

Although registration is not required for UNMC events, we strongly encourage you to register so that we can ensure that there is seating and food for all attendees. Please register for the UNMC Graduate Studies Professional Development Lunch and Learn events in Engage.

Events hosted at UNO, UNL or UNK may require advance registration. Visit the appropriate host campus website for more information, including registration and access to the online streaming link.

Additional Information and FAQs

I can't attend a Lunch and Learn event in person. Can I still participate?

Yes. A Zoom link will always be available for the Lunch and Learn events. Furthermore, the Lunch and Learn events are always recorded and posted on this page. It may take a few days for the recording to be posted.

 I am required to attend some of the Lunch and Learn events as a condition of my UNMC Assistantship or Fellowship. How do I document my attendance?

When you attend the UNMC Graduate Studies Professional Development Lunch & Learn events in person, your attendance will be recorded when you will scan your UNMC student ID badge with a Graduate Studies staff member.  If you attend the UNMC Graduate Studies Professional Development Lunch & Learn events via Zoom, then we will be able to record your attendance using the Zoom participant log.  However, for this to work, you must log into Zoom using a device or account that displays your first and last name. If you log in with just a first name or a phone number, we will not be able to identify you or give you credit for attending. 

Note:  Neither scanning your badge at the event nor logging in as a participant on Zoom will earn you credit for the UNMC Graduate Studies Badge Program.  If you want credit for the event through the Badge program, you will need to complete the Badge Program Reflection Form in Engage.

Finally, you can get credit for attending a UNMC Graduate Studies Professional Development Lunch & Learn event by viewing the recording and completing the Badge Program Reflection Form in Engage.  The reflection form must be submitted within two months of the live event.