Endocrinology Fellowship

Fellowship Director: Brian Boerner, M.D.
Associate Fellowship Director: Vijay Shivaswamy, MBBS
Fellowship Coordinator: Mary Monaghan
Phone: 402-559-4284
Email:  memonaghan@unmc.edu

The Endocrinology fellowship training program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center has a 2-year a fellowship program. We accept three 2-year fellows every year. The University of Nebraska Medical Center is the only state-sponsored medical center for the state of Nebraska and receives referrals from throughout the state and region.  These referrals cover all aspects of clinical endocrinology (including all types of diabetes, pancreas transplantation, thyroid disease including nodules and thyroid cancer, metabolic bone disease, parathyroid disease, lipid disorders, neuroendocrine tumors, pituitary and adrenal disease, and reproductive hormone abnormalities).

The training program includes inpatient and outpatient endocrinology at both the VA and University hospital, as well as endocrine-related research rotations throughout the two or three year fellowship. 

Outpatient rotations consist of a variety of general endocrine and specialty endocrine clinics.  The specialty clinics include: 

Additional rotations include pediatric endocrinology, reproductive endocrinology, endocrine radiology, and exposure to telehealth medicine. 

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