Research Leadership Award: Kaushik Patel, Ph.D.

April 17, 2014

Image with caption: Kaushik Patel, Ph.D.

Kaushik Patel, Ph.D.

This profile is part of a series to highlight the 16 researchers and one community member who will be honored at an April 21 ceremony. The recipients include the 2013 Scientist Laureate, six New Investigators, eight Distinguished Scientists, two Research Leadership awardees, and a Community Service to Research honoree.

The Research Leadership Award is being given for the first time this year. This new award category is intended to honor scientists previously recognized as Distinguished Scientists who have a longstanding research funding history, and also serve as research leaders and mentors on campus.

  • Name: Kaushik Patel, Ph.D.
  • Title: Ross McIntyre Professor of Physiology, UNMC Department of Cellular & Integrative Physiology, College of Medicine
  • Joined UNMC: 1991
  • Hometown: Citizen of the world

Describe your research briefly in layman's terms.
My laboratory is interested in determining the role of the central nervous system in the regulation of the circulation in normal and disease conditions such as diabetes and heart failure. Further, we are interested in how exercise training improves cardiovascular health in these disease states.

How does your research contribute to science and/or health care?
I believe that the work we do adds a small piece of information (piece of the puzzle) to the overall picture in understanding cardiovascular health. Each little piece of information then clarifies and forms the basis for possible therapeutic interventions in the treatment of these devastating cardiovascular diseases.

What is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you, professional or personal?
"Follow your bliss." Joseph Campbell.

List three things few people know about you.

  • I was born in Uganda, East Africa and can speak Kiswahilli (Swahili).
  • I like hiking in remote mountains.
  • I am interested in theoretical physics and spirituality.


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