Dr. Oleynikov receives IDEA award

by Elizabeth Kumru, UNMC public relations | May 01, 2014

Image with caption: Dmitry Oleynikov, M.D.

Dmitry Oleynikov, M.D.

UNMC's Dmitry Oleynikov, M.D., and his collaborator Shane Farritor, Ph.D., of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, received the University of Nebraska's Innovation, Development and Engagement (IDEA) Award Wednesday.

Dr. Oleynikov, the Joseph and Richard Still Endowed Professor of Surgery, director of the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery, and director of the Center for Advanced Surgical Technology at UNMC, is one of UNMC's most internationally recognized scientists.

Watch a video about Drs. Oleynikov and Farritor.
"I am motivated in my clinical research to create new discoveries and solve new problems in surgery. I have always felt that progress could not be had without learning from our history and improving our future," Dr. Oleynikov said.

In collaboration with Dr. Farritor, Dr. Oleynikov has led a team that combines the experience of surgical practice with the exceptional problem-solving skills of the engineering profession.

The results have been a radical departure from existing surgical technology: the surgical robotic device they have developed is miniature, mobile, remotely controlled and fits entirely inside the abdominal cavity.

The Oleynikov and Farritor partnership has resulted in multiple patents and technology commercialization and is widely recognized as a model for cross-campus collaboration. It is for extending their academic expertise beyond the boundaries of the university in ways that have enriched the broader community that they were jointly acknowledged.

"My life's goal is to transform surgery to be safer, more patient friendly and to improve the outcomes from surgical operations that we perform today," Dr. Oleynikov said. "I innovate not because I want to but because I am presented with patient need and I feel I have to do something to help solve these surgical problems."


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Bette Somers
April 13, 2015 at 10:18 AM

Dr. Oleynikov did my surgery in Nov 2014. He gets my high recommendation!