Students receive awards to create e-learning modules

February 09, 2015

Image with caption: Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dele Davies, M.D.

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dele Davies, M.D.

Eleven UNMC students received $1,000 e-learning awards in January as part of UNMC's e-learning initiative.

The students will now plan and create the e-learning module, with help from their faculty advisors and the E0Learning Lab. The modules will be unveiled at a special ceremony on May 6, featuring demonstrations by both faculty and student e-learning award winners and a recognition ceremony.

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dele Davies, M.D., said he was exceptionally proud and inspired by the innovative teaching modules the students and faculty leaders collaborated to produce.

"There has been extensive interest both internally and externally regarding the types of modules that will be created, and I'm looking forward to seeing how students rise to the challenge to transform and enrich learning at UNMC," he said. "This truly is an opportunity to once again set us apart as a leader in the future of health sciences education."

Awardees and their projects include:

  • Cory Rohlfsen (faculty advisor David O'Dell, M.D.): "EKGs: Basics of Rate and Rhythm"
  • Cory Rohlfsen (faculty advisors Jim Medder, M.D./Paul Paulman, M.D.): "RESPECT Clinic"
  • Yang Wang, Rajvi Wani, Sankeerth Rampa and He Zhu (faculty advisors Fernando Wilson, Ph.D./Jim Stimpson, Ph.D.): "A Practical Guide of Lease Financing Decisions Within Health Services Organizations"
  • Tate Johnson (faculty advisors Amy Cannella, M.D./Kaleb Michaud, Ph.D.): Rheumatology Remedy Stand"
  • Marisa Johnson and Taylor Majerus (faculty advisor Betsy Becker): "Range of Motion Examination of the Cervical Spine")
  • Halah Al-hwail and Arixa Herrera (faculty advisor Maheswari Mukherjee, Ph.D.): "Preparatory Techniques in Cytology"
  • Alex Walker (faculty advisor Matthew DeVries, M.D.): "ABCs of Chest X-Ray for Health Professionals"
  • Lauren Awe, Crystal Epstein and Amanda Hug (faculty advisor Heidi Keeler, Ph.D.): "What to Do Next: An Interactive Journey Combining Behavioral Health and Primary Care"
  • Alizabeth Truhe (faculty advisor Kimberly Michael): "Aortic Aneurysm Module"
  • Beau Ehlers and Caitlin Fee (faculty advisor David McMillan, Ph.D.): "Defeating Antibiotic Resistance: Mastering Drugs and Bugs"
  • Michaela Klesitz, Jackson Wagoner and Tyler Chonis (faculty advisor Geoffery Talmon, M.D.): "A Face of Care: A Patient's Journey Through Breast Cancer Therapy"

Peggy Moore
February 09, 2015 at 8:31 AM

Congratulations to our student innovators! Peggy Moore, UNMC E-Learning Instructional Designer