Corporate Cycling Challenge arrives Aug. 18

July 08, 2019

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The Corporate Cycling Challenge is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 18, and CHI is calling UNMC and Nebraska Medicine out.

The Corporate Cycling Challenge is a bike tour, not a race, and cyclists of all abilities can ride. But to make the effort even more interesting, CHI has issued a "total miles" challenge -- the number of miles ridden by the teams. (Employees earn one point for each mile ridden on a bike at the event, and employees' family members earn a half-point for each mile toward the corporate team point total.)

UNMC/Nebraska Medicine won the event in 2016 and 2018, posting the most miles, while CHI was the mile leader in 2017.

"This event is great fun, and CHI's challenge is meant to spark increased participation by both teams," said Peter Pellerito, fitness specialist at the Center for Healthy Living and UNMC/Nebraska Medicine team captain. "Your miles will determine this year's winner. Pride -- and a traveling trophy -- are on the line. With your participation, we can win again in 2019."

To sign up to participate, click here. The deadline to order a T-shirt with our campus logos is July 15.

Costs are:
  • Free for employees without shirt;
  • $10 for employees with shirt;
  • $5 for family member without shirt; and
  • $15 for family member with shirt.

Sign up here to participate.

Earn opportunities to win a Visa Gift Card.


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