UNMC spring graduating class first to receive digital diploma

May 15, 2020

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UNMC students have come to expect the university to provide cutting-edge technology services while a student. Now they can experience it even after they graduate.

Starting with the spring 2020 commencement, UNMC will offer digital diplomas -- along with a traditional paper diploma -- to its graduates.

UNMC has partnered with digital credentialing service Parchment to make this technological leap to offer digital diplomas for Spring 2020 conferrals.

The digital diplomas can be shared via email or popular social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Graduates will access the certified diploma via a secure portal, which will be tracked by the UNMC Office of Academic Records. The service incurs no additional fees for the graduate.

Currently, the service is only available to those who will receive diplomas in spring 2020 and later, but the UNMC Office of Academic Records hopes to extend the service to alumni and those who received certificates from UNMC.

"We hope to give students an advantage in a competitive job market," said Philip Covington, Ed.D., assistant vice chancellor for student success at UNMC and UNO. "This new digital diploma isn't just a photo of your diploma posted online. This is a true, verified, academic credential from UNMC."

"Our office is proud to continue as a leader locally and nationwide with cutting edge services that meet the needs of our students in a growing digital world," said Matthew Schill, director of the office of the university registrar for UNMC and UNO. "This is just one example of how we are helping our students turn their credentials into opportunities."