Patient privacy is paramount

by Nebraska Medicine | December 03, 2020

Whether you're checking in at home, or just taking a break and catching up with a friend, avoid using FaceTime or other video/photo messaging applications while at work. Use of FaceTime and similar apps in any clinical space generally is not allowed because of the risk of exposing patient information, which could result in an employee corrective action.

Hospital and clinic hallways and other locations in which patients/patient information could be visible must also be avoided. As a reminder, during the COVID-19 public health emergency, our primary and preferred technology for remotely communicating with patients during visits is the integrated Epic/Zoom application.

Another important reminder is not to reveal any patient information on any of your social media posts. Patients are entrusting their care with us, and we want to maintain and respect their privacy. Discussing patient care events on social media is prohibited, even if no names are used, as information about the patient and/or care events often combine to make the patient identifiable.

If you have any questions related to patient privacy, contact the Privacy Office. Questions related to Epic/Zoom integration also can be answered via email.


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