Panel to discuss creation of 'C'RONA Comix'

by Heather Brown, McGoogan Health Sciences Library | October 14, 2021

Image with caption: Images from the C'RONA Comix series

Images from the C'RONA Comix series

In spring 2020, a multidisciplinary group, including artists and scientists, received funding from the Rapid Response Research Program of the National Science Foundation to develop comic books that would help youth understand the COVID-19 pandemic.

Next month, some of those creators will be coming to UNMC to talk about the project, a series called "C’RONA Pandemic Comix."

On Nov. 3 at noon CT, the McGoogan Health Sciences Library will host a panel discussion in conjunction with the temporary exhibition of the comic series at UNMC.

Panelists will include:

  • Judy Diamond, professor and curator, University of Nebraska State Museum and University Libraries;
  • Bob Hall, writer and artist;
  • Judi gaiashkibos, executive director of the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs; and
  • St Patrick Reid, PhD, assistant professor, UNMC Department of Pathology and Microbiology.

The project built upon a decade of expertise in creating comics about the biology of viruses. In collaboration with virologists and artists, three comic stories about COVID-19 were developed during the pandemic and posted online during the last half of 2020.

The fictional narratives address fundamental issues in biology, virology and network science in order to help readers understand the complexities of living through a viral pandemic. The stories focus on three themes: the biology and social context of the COVID-19 virus; the relationship of wild animals, particularly bats, to the pandemic; and the impact of the pandemic on Tribal communities.

The stories are posted online and are published by the University of Nebraska Press as the book "C’RONA Pandemic Comics," which includes essays for youth about the virus and the pandemic.

Registration for the Nov. 3 event is now open. A drawing will be held for five signed copies of the comic.

The comic panels line the Wittson Hall fourth floor corridor leading to the Sorrell Center and Bennett Hall skywalks. The comics featured are:

  • "C’RONA COMIX,"by Hall, Diamond and Liz VanWormer
  • "TRIBAL C’RONA COMIX," by Henry Payer, Hall, gaiashkibos and Diamond
  • "C’RONA COMIX II,"  by Hall, Bob Camp, VanWormer and Diamond

The exhibition runs through Nov. 30. Unsigned copies of the book are available for free in the exhibition, while supplies last.


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Beth Beam
October 14, 2021 at 4:18 PM

I didn't realize the pedigree of the artists until I looked at the printed copy. Pretty awesome really. My 6 year old loves it.