Push-up event raises more than $8,700 for Haiti fund

Push-up power!

Click the image above to see video from Friday’s Push-ups for Haiti event (Double click to see full-size video). Photos from the event can be viewed on UNMC’s Facebook page. (Video by Andrew E. Nelson, UNMC public relations)


That was something.

For those who didn’t attend Friday’s “Push-ups for Haiti” event here’s a bit of what went down:

  • 16 participants cranked out 808 push-ups;
  • $8,710 was raised for the UNMC Haitian Relief and Outreach Fund;
  • About 150 loud spectators came to the Durham Outpatient Center West Atrium and counted, cheered and urged participants to squeeze out a few extra push-ups;
  • Susannah Logsdon of the Institutional Review Board entered the atrium ala Rocky Balboa wearing a red boxing robe. She was followed by several handlers chanting her name,including one carrying a blaring boom box;
  • Howard Fox, M.D., Ph.D., professor in the department of pharmacology and experimental neurosciences, beautifully sported the UNMC secondary icon on his “guns” and cranked out 41 push-ups to kick the event off;
  • Thomas Hejkal, M.D., displayed an edition of a men’s health magazine with him on the cover baring his ripped physique (EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ll take his word for it that the magazine hadn’t been ‘doctored.’ Doctored, get it, he’s a doctor … oh nevermind); and
  • Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance Don Leuenberger flipped his hat backwards before he dropped and knocked out 34 push ups.

OK, a bit of commentary.

This challenge was literally thrown together in a week. As both an observer and participant, to see the quick and powerful support it gathered from all parts of the campus and to see it turn into such a joyful and fun event was both a lot of fun and inspiring.

I saw a lot of smiles in that atrium on Friday and the money raised will be put to good use by people who can be very helpful in Haiti.

So congratulations UNMC, that was awesome!


  1. Karen Burbach says:

    Awesome event. Kudos to Chuck for initiating it and thanks to all who participated and donated!

  2. Luann Andersen says:

    What a great (and obviously fun) event. I wish I could have been there to cheer everyone on! Congrats to UNMC for such creativeness in supporting a great cause.

  3. Patty Mata says:

    How many push-ups did Chuck do? Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. Chuck Brown says:

    Dear inquiring minds,
    I did 77 push-ups.

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