Top modules at E-Learning Showcase announced

The 2021 Innovators in Education E-Learning Showcase was held virtually last week via Canvas. New this year, attendees were able to vote for the top modules. More than 300 people voted, and three development teams were awarded top honors, including:

  • Differential Diagnosis: Low Back Pain vs. Hip Pain
    • Developed by Megan Frazee, DPT, Andreas Remis and Henamari Ybay, UNMC College of Allied Health Professions
  • Digital Design – Occlusal Splint
    • Developed by Gregory Bennett, DMD, Spencer Adams, Cameron Aitken, Selam Carlson and Isaac Langan, UNMC College of Dentistry
  • Principles of Ethical Research in Clinical Trials
    • Developed by Lynette Smith, PhD, Priyanka Chaudhary and Gaurav Kumar, UNMC College of Public Health, and Bruce Gordon, MD, UNMC College of Medicine

Three teams also were awarded honorable mentions:

  • E-Learning Scorecard Best Practices: Respirators and Their Use in Agriculture
    • Developed by Chandran Achutan, PhD, Alexandra Farfalla and Emily Girard, UNMC College of Public Health
  • Best Multimedia: Interprofessional Team-Based Care of a Patient with Cardiovascular Disease
    • Developed by Abbey Fingeret, MD, Liliana Bronner, Furqan Khattak, MD, Morgan Harris and Libby Moberg, UNMC College of Medicine
  • Best Interactions: A Physicist’s Primer for Effective Patient Communication
    • Developed by Megan Hyun, PhD, Abby Besemer, PhD, Diane Schott, PhD, Dandan Zheng, PhD, Sarah Wisnoskie and Jeffrey Wong, UNMC College of Medicine

“I had a fun time working with my colleagues and Dr. Bennett on the e-learning module,” said Selam Carlson, a UNMC College of Dentistry student who worked on one of the winning modules. “It was very helpful to be able to collaborate with multiple people and get helpful tips and tricks to make the module excellent. The program format was very friendly and easy to maneuver around, and we got 100% support from the e-learning team! Of course, the bonus award is icing on the cake to pay off the hard work that was put into developing the module.”

“The digital showcase was a great adaption during the times of COVID. Our work was able to reach a larger audience this way, which I greatly enjoy,” said Libby Moberg, a student participant from the UNMC College of Medicine. “The online voting and the bonus awards increased traffic to our modules as well! As always, I enjoyed working with e-learning and benefiting education here at UNMC.”

Andreas Remis, a student developer from the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions, praised UNMC E-Learning for their support throughout the project development. “The e-learning team was instrumental in facilitating the creative process and welcomed innovation with excitement. Having a professional team supporting us made producing the module a highlight of our time at UNMC,” Remis said.

“I want to thank our talented e-learning team who worked tirelessly to create an engaging and rewarding experience for our program participants. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, we still were able to recognize the high achievements of all 78 faculty and student participants,” said Betsy Becker, DPT, PhD, chair of department of health and rehabilitation sciences at the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions and co-chair of the UNMC E-Learning Steering Committee. “I also want to thank our E-Learning Steering Committee and IT Academic Technology partners for helping us turn the Canvas course into a success.”

The Canvas course will remain open until May 1. Visit the UNMC E-Learning website for more information and to enroll in the course.

All the modules also are available in the UNMC E-Gallery for use in courses or for self-guided learning.