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Top modules at E-Learning Showcase announced

The 2022 Innovators in Education E-Learning Showcase was held virtually last month via Canvas. Like last year, attendees were able to vote for the top modules. More than 350 people voted, and three development teams were awarded top honors, including:

  • First Place: Colorectal Cancer Screening — Developed by Shinobu Watanabe-Galloway, PhD, Louis Fok, and Krishtee Napit from the UNMC College of Public Health
  • Second Place: Linear Accelerators: How do they work? — Developed by Sarah Wisnoskie, Abby Besemer, PhD, Kyle Gallagher, PhD, Megan Hyun, PhD, Diane Schott, PhD, Samuel Hendley, PhD, and Jeffrey Wong from the UNMC College of Medicine and Jana Koth and Julie Andersen from the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions
  • Third Place: Adapted Healthcare Delivery for Patients with Hearing Impairments — Developed by Betsy Becker, DPT, PhD, Sara Bills, DPT, Alyx Jorgensen, Tangdi Lin, Catherine Mormino and Emma Pink from the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions

"It was an honor and a privilege to be part of the funded awards program this year," said Louis Fok, a College of Public Health student who helped develop the winning module. "Creating this project not only allowed us to fully grasp the subject matter at hand but made us better at both teaching and learning."

Alyx Jorgensen, a student developer from the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions, agreed. "With the help of the E-Learning staff, we had the chance to be creative in ways the academic setting doesn't often allow. It was so rewarding to see the transformation of our ideas from words on paper to an interactive experience. We hoped to address a topic that isn't necessarily embedded in health care curricula but is an imperative concept to understand as empathetic providers who serve a diverse group of patients. We hope that our module is genuinely helpful in preparing providers to treat patients who are deaf or hard of hearing."

Participation at this year’s showcase increased 24% over last year and drew attendees from around the U.S., Canada and Australia.

"The best part about this year's digital showcase was that friends and family outside the university were able to see the modules and all the hard work we've been putting in over the past few months," Jorgensen said.

The Canvas course will remain open until the end of the semester. Visit the UNMC E-Learning website for more information and to enroll in the course.

The modules are available in the UNMC E-Gallery for use in courses or for self-guided learning.