New women’s research center seeks community participation

John Davis, PhD, director of the Nebraska Center for Women's Health Research

John Davis, PhD, director of the Nebraska Center for Women's Health Research

The Nebraska Center for Women’s Health Research at UNMC is inviting researchers, scientists and other health professionals – as well as the public – to access the center’s program of educational opportunities by becoming members of the center at no cost.

“The invitation is open to everyone. You don’t have to be a physician or health care provider,” said John Davis, PhD, director of the center. 

Apply here to become a member of the center.

The creation of the center was approved by the Nebraska Board of Regents in April. It will facilitate research and training opportunities for anyone interested in women’s health issues, including not only researchers, clinicians and others in the health professions but the general public as well.

“We hope that by sharing this information and getting people to participate, we can stir up more community awareness and interest,” Dr. Davis said.

The free membership will grant access to educational opportunities set to begin this fall, including speakers on areas of interest in women’s health research. 

“Participation is key in the development of the center’s programs,” Dr. Davis said. “We hope to support new programs by providing these educational opportunities, in addition to providing seed grants for collaborative research.”

The center will include faculty from the UNMC Colleges of Medicine, Allied Health Professions, Public Health, Pharmacy and Nursing. Faculty from the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, VA Medical Center, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and University of Nebraska at Omaha also will be involved.

The center’s initial research priorities include maternal fetal health, health disparities – in particular uterine fibroids – and reproductive aging. Additional research topics will be chosen based on the expertise and interest of the center’s members, including members of the public.

There are many conditions that are unique to women’s health. However, Dr. Davis said, most research has been conducted using male subjects and as a result women’s research has historically been underfunded, a disparity the center will address. 

“We’ll have a robust research program that addresses a variety of issues related to women’s health,” Dr. Davis said. “I hope that excitement and initiative spills over into the community.”

For questions related to the research center, email research administrator Carrie Drummond.

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