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Retirement event will be Dec. 13 for Vicki Hamm

Vicki Hamm

Vicki Hamm

For the past 47 years, Vicki Hamm has been the expert on graduate medical education, serving as a resource and friend to countless house officers who have made UNMC their home for residency and fellowship training.

Next week, Hamm’s colleagues will hold a celebration of her career as she prepares to retire.

“Vicki Hamm has been the lifeblood of graduate medical education on our campus,” said Chandra Are, MBBS, associate dean for graduate medical education. “For nearly five decades, she was the face of GME and is usually the first port of call for anything to do with GME. She has mentored, guided and steered the careers of countless house officers, of whom many have gone on to become leaders in medicine within and beyond our campus.”

In her time at UNMC, Hamm has served not only as an accreditation expert, but as a mentor, counselor and ally to everyone involved in graduate medical education, Dr. Are said.

Hamm started at UNMC in 1975 as a residency coordinator in the department of internal medicine. Shortly after she started, Bob Wigton, MD, was named associate dean for graduate medical education and asked Hamm to join him in that office.

She did and never left.

Michael Wadman, MD, who served as associate dean for graduate medical education prior to Dr. Are, described Hamm as “a wonderful combination of practical/street smart, emotionally intelligent/people smart, ACGME detail/book smart.

“Then, on top of all that, she truly cares about the people she works with and wants what is best for them,” he said. “She has been the heart and soul of the GME office for as long as I have been at UNMC, and I was lucky to work across the hall from her for a few years of that time.”

Hamm has often told colleagues that working in graduate medical education has been the love of her life. 

“Her commitment, knowledge and excellence are unparalleled,” Dr. Are said. “Not only has she been the point person for house officers, program directors and program coordinators, but alumni regularly reach out to her for questions – because everyone knows Vicki is the person that knows everything.”

Hamm, who is moving to California to be close to her family, will continue to work remotely to help with the transition for the next calendar year. Erin Snow already has assumed the role of GME director.

“I am immensely grateful for Vicki’s efforts during this transition,” Dr. Are said. “Although Vicki may not be here physically, her heart and soul will always be right here with GME on our campus, and we are extremely fortunate and grateful for that.”


  1. Mike Wadman says:

    You’re the best Vicki! Thanks for everything!

  2. Toni Schlotman says:

    Thank you for all you have done for not only myself, but all the coordinators over the years. You’re the best!!!! We will miss you Vicki!

  3. Lisa Runco says:

    Vicki will be missed like no other! I love knowing that a wonderful life awaits her in California. The GME office couldn’t be in better hands with Erin Snow. As always, Vicki has wrapped up the situation with her usual brilliance. Bon Voyage, my friend!

  4. Cindy Skarda says:

    Congratulations Vicki.

  5. Anne Lawlor says:

    Congratulations on this next chapter, Vicki! It’s been great working with you over the years. You’ve been a tremendous asset to UNMC. I wish you all the best!

  6. Patty Davis says:

    Congratulations Vicki! You have been such great support to so many people and helped guide so many residents to successful careers. A great legacy at UNMC! You will truly be missed and it won’t be the same without you. Enjoy the next chapter of your life in sunny California!

  7. Tom O’Connor says:

    What a career! UNMC is losing a true legend. Enjoy the next chapter, Vicki, and thanks for always being there to lend a helping hand.

  8. Howard Liu, Chair, Dept. Psychiatry, UNMC says:

    We could not have started the UNMC Psychiatry residency program or the UNMC Family Medicine/Psychiatry Addiction Med fellowship without Vicki’s consistent, wise, and timely guidance! You are a “living legend” at UNMC, Vicki, and we will miss you but also wish you the best in your next adventure! Thanks for all you’ve done for our state’s mental health workforce.

  9. Mary Bernhagen says:

    Vicki-you are one of UNMC’s treasures. I can honestly say that I love working with you. You have always been there for us-not only as our leader, but as our mentor and our friend. We will miss you greatly and will always appreciate all that you have done for us. I hope you enjoy your new life’s journey. Please keep in touch and remember that you will always hold a special place in our hearts.

  10. James Newland says:

    Vicki, thank you for ask the good work you have done. Best wishes to you.

  11. Renee Jizba says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for all your help over the years. We’ll miss you. Here’s to retirement and new adventures in California!

  12. Patricia Tolliver says:

    Congratulations Vicki! You have been the best mentor on campus and I appreciate all of your help over the years. May you enjoy family time in California!

  13. Jen Parker says:

    What a wonderful tribute. Vicki, you truly have been the heart and soul of GME for all of these years. UNMC is so fortunate to have had such a talented, dedicated and purposeful leader. I wish you a well in your next chapter–certainly a well earned retirement!

  14. Alex Sawatzke says:

    Congratulation Vicki. Best of luck!

  15. Judy Jesz says:

    Vicki-congratulations on your retirement. You made a difference in countless lives. Best wishes!

  16. Frank Bauldwin says:


    I have had the great pleasure to work with you on campus. I would like to personally congratulate you on your retirement from UNMC. I enjoyed working with you during your time here, and I have always considered you not only an asset but have always enjoyed your presence whenever our paths crossed on campus. You will be missed; you certainly deserve retirement. Your hard work and diligence have greatly benefited UNMC, and I hope your replacement will strive to follow your stellar example. It has always been my pleasure to work with you. So, while I’m saddened to see you go. I am confident that you will find the same success and happiness in retirement that you experienced during your time here. Vicki don’t overthink retirement, just begin it. All it means is finally you can do whatever you want. Vicki think about retirement being two six month holidays a year. Also Fridays are now no longer the best days … every day is. You will never have to sit on a zoom call again. Its’ been great working with you over the years. Here’s to a well-deserved retirement. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Retirement will surely offer many new opportunities, which I know you will embrace whole heartly. Please keep in touch and visit often if you find that you have time. I hope you have a fun and fruitful retirement. You will be missed!! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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