UNMC researchers recognized as top in their fields

More than 60 UNMC researchers have been honored for their work by a Stanford University study that looks at the impact of researchers worldwide. The ongoing study has identified 65 current and former UNMC faculty who ranked in a recently released study among the top 2% of all researchers in the world in their fields in 2021.

The Stanford research, published annually, creates a database of the 100,000 top-cited scientists across 22 scientific fields and 174 subfields. This results in rankings for more than 195,000 top scientists. To get the rankings, authors of the Stanford study analyze the work of more than 6 million scientists worldwide and rank them based on their career-long or single-year output (as of 2021) within their field of study. The data includes standardized information on the number of publications and various citation metrics that measure the impact of a researcher’s work.

At UNMC, recognized faculty members work in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, public health and more with specialties in pharmaceutical science, pediatrics, surgical oncology, anesthesiology, biostatistics, pathology and more.

“The data presented by the Stanford study demonstrates what we already know – that UNMC conducts cutting-edge research in a wide range of disciplines,” said UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD. “It is a clear indication that our investigators are doing impactful science that is widely recognized, defining the future of health and wellness.”

Here is the list of UNMC’s top researchers, according to the study:

  • Yazen Alnouti, PhD, College of Pharmacy
  • Chandrakanth Are, MBBS, College of Medicine
  • James Armitage, MD, College of Medicine
  • Michele Balas, PhD, College of Nursing
  • Susan Barnason, PhD, College of Nursing
  • Karsten Bartels, MD, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Surinder Batra, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Kenneth Bayles, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Ann Berger, PhD, College of Nursing
  • Vijaya Raj Bhatt, MBBS, College of Medicine
  • Joyce Black, PhD, College of Nursing
  • Julia Bridge, MD, College of Medicine
  • Shilpa Buch, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Siddappa Byrareddy, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Mark Carlson, MD, College of Medicine
  • Samuel Cohen, MD, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Hongying Dai, PhD, College of Public Health
  • Dele Davies, MD, College of Medicine
  • Paul Dobesh, PharmD, College of Pharmacy
  • Jixin Dong, PhD, Eppley Institute
  • Bin Duan, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Paul Fey, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Diana Florescu, MD, College of Medicine
  • Alison Freifeld, MD, College of Medicine
  • Howard Gendelman, MD, College of Medicine
  • Jean Grem, MD, College of Medicine
  • Tony Hollingsworth, PhD, Eppley Institute
  • Corey Hopkins, PhD, College of Pharmacy
  • Guoku Hu, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Andre Kalil, MD, College of Medicine
  • Tammy Kielian, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Oksana Lockridge, PhD, Eppley Institute
  • Yuri Lyubchenko, PhD, DSc, College of Pharmacy
  • Ram Mahato, PhD, College of Pharmacy
  • Roslyn Mannon, MD, College of Medicine
  • Kaleb Michaud, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Ted Mikuls, MD, College of Medicine
  • Daniel Murman, MD, College of Medicine
  • James O’Dell, MD, College of Medicine
  • David Oupicky, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Palsamy Periyasamy, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Stephen Rennard, MD, College of Medicine
  • Angie Rizzino, PhD, Eppley Institute
  • Matthew Rizzo, MD, College of Medicine
  • William Rizzo, MD, College of Medicine
  • Mark Rupp, MD, College of Medicine
  • Ruxana Sadikot, MD, College of Medicine
  • Susan Swindells, MBBS, College of Medicine
  • Sarah Thayer, MD, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Jon Thompson, MD, College of Medicine
  • Paul Trippier, PhD, College of Pharmacy
  • Jonathan Vennerstrom, PhD, College of Pharmacy
  • Julie Vose, MD, College of Medicine
  • Dong Wang, PhD, College of Pharmacy
  • Guangshun Wang, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Steven Yeh, MD, College of Medicine


  • Timothy Baxter, MD, College of Medicine
  • Tatiana Bronich, PhD, College of Pharmacy
  • David Bylund, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Marlene Cohen, PhD, College of Nursing
  • Melody Hertzog, PhD, College of Nursing
  • Mohammad Siahpush, PhD, College of Public Health
  • James Talmadge, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Serguei Vinogradov, PhD, College of Pharmacy
  • Denham Harman, MD, PhD, College of Medicine


  1. Prof. S.Subramanian says:

    Commendable work.

  2. Alan Erickson says:

    Congratulations to all on the list for this achievement. In particular I want to further acknowledge my Rheumatology colleagues. Job well done!!

  3. Ramu Venkatesan says:

    Congratulations Recognized Researcher/ Scientist of UNMC. Keep Going! I am proud to be a part of UNMC through Dr. Paul Trippier Lab.

  4. Ramu Venkatesan says:

    Applause to the Recognized Researcher/ Scientist of UNMC. Keep Going! I am proud to be a part of UNMC through Dr. Paul Trippier Lab.

  5. Muruganantham T says:

    Congratulations for all.

  6. Ann AndersonBerry says:

    Wonderful recognition! So excited to see many CHRI members on this list!
    Congratulations to all!

  7. Michael Sitorius says:

    Congratulations to all of you and to your teams for this outstanding accomplishment and recognition. What an honor!! Mike Sitorius

  8. Paul Dobesh says:

    Is there a link to the overall study results?

  9. Jeffrey Robb says:

    Yes, have added that link above in the article. Also here:

  10. Parthasarathy Seshacharyulu says:

    Congrats to all researchers and their team members 👏.

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    Congratulations to all on the list!

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    A big congratulations, Dr. Bridge!

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