UNMC for the record, Feb. 24, 2024

Corey Hopkins, PhD

Corey Hopkins, PhD

Pharmacy’s Dr. Hopkins featured on podcast

Corey Hopkins, PhD, professor of pharmaceutical sciences in the UNMC College of Pharmacy, recently was featured on the People Behind the Science Podcast.

Dr. Hopkins talked about how his lab uses chemistry to understand the biology of diseases with unmet medical need. He also got into how he likes to home-brew beer, how a high school teacher helped set him on his career path and how he was once on the verge of giving up on a project before a colleague from Sweden provided some last-minute inspiration and support.

Listen on Stitcher, iTunes or at the PBTSP website here.

Perfusion student wins essay award

First-year clinical perfusion student Jennifer Gavin-Veyna is the recipient of the American Society of ExtraCorporeal Technology (AmSECT) Safety Committee essay award. AmSECT is the national professional society for perfusion. In addition to receiving a financial scholarship, Gavin-Veyna will have her essay published in an upcoming edition of the AmSECT Today digital magazine.

An advisory on Wittson Hall traffic flow

In Wittson Hall, the northeast door on level 3 is being replaced, and people are advised to instead use the skywalk doors on level 4 or the main east entrance doors on level 3.

The closure is expected to last from Feb. 27 through March 13.

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