Security enhancements coming to med center campus

Charlotte Evans, chief of UNMC and University of Nebraska at Omaha Police and Public Safety

Charlotte Evans, chief of UNMC and University of Nebraska at Omaha Police and Public Safety

More security cameras are coming to parking lots and garages on the Nebraska Medical Center/UNMC campus.  

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine invested $1 million in camera upgrades last year and will invest in even more new cameras in the months ahead. The project takes on added importance after a recent incident when a health care worker was robbed by a man carrying a kitchen knife in the Clarkson Doctors Building South parking lot. Fortunately, the health care worker was not seriously injured. 

Charlotte Evans, chief of UNMC and University of Nebraska at Omaha Police and Public Safety, said existing security cameras have been a big help in the investigation to find and identify the suspect in that incident. That investigation and search continue. Evans said the department has increased patrols in medical center parking areas. In the months ahead, additional cameras will be installed in parking garages and lots. These cameras feed into the public safety dispatch center where images are recorded to help in investigations when incidents are reported. She said the most important safety and security resource is people.  

“We have a dedicated team of officers here to help around the clock, but we cannot be everywhere at once,” Evans said. “We strongly encourage everyone to be aware of their surroundings – and not just at the medical center. This means removing your earbuds and not looking at your phone. If possible, walk in a group.” 

She added that colleagues and students can request a public safety and security officer to walk with them to and from their cars by calling 402-559-5111.   

Public safety has these additional tips to remember in case of an emergency or if you see something suspicious: 

Call for help or to report something criminal or suspicious  

  • 402-559-5111 on the medical center campus 
  • 911 for other locations 
  • During an emergency, do not call dispatch for updates or to request information 

Use panic alarms only in emergency situations when you cannot otherwise call 

  • Calling will allow dispatchers to relay information to responding officers in real time 

Review safety and security policies/procedures 

Do not allow “tailgating” into areas that require badge access 

Sign up for UNMC and Nebraska Medicine alerts and download the Nebraska Medicine NOW mobile app 

If you are concerned about a colleague, student or visitor, you may Report a Concern anonymously. 

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  1. Marlene Novotny says:

    Thank you to Charlotte and her team for helping to keep us safe.

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