Drs. McBride, Langenfeld to lead new surgery divisions

Corrigan McBride, MD, and Sean Langenfeld, MD

Corrigan McBride, MD, and Sean Langenfeld, MD

With the pending retirement of chief Jon Thompson, MD, the UNMC Division of Surgery will become two new divisions – the UNMC Division of General Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery and Bariatric Surgery; and the UNMC Division of Colorectal Surgery.

Corrigan McBride, MD, has been named the chief of the division of general surgery, MIS and bariatric surgery. Sean Langenfeld, MD, will become the chief of colorectal surgery. He also will become the inaugural endowed Jon S. Thompson, MD, Professor.

“When I first arrived, ‘general surgery’ was where everything was lumped,” said David W. Mercer, MD, chair of the UNMC Department of Surgery. “Over time, we’ve created many divisions – surgical oncology, vascular surgery, pediatric surgery and acute care surgery. And so, as Dr. Thompson leaves after a 40-year career at UNMC, it seemed a good time to specialize the rest of ‘general surgery’ – especially as we are fortunate to have two fine young leaders in Drs. McBride and Langenfeld.

“Both are very, very qualified individuals and are poised to become exceptional leaders of their respective divisions.”

The move offers opportunities for growth and innovation in both divisions, Dr. Mercer said, including recruitment to expand the division of colorectal surgery and the division of general surgery, MIS and bariatric surgery, as well as the development of a colorectal surgery fellowship. The move will accelerate the development of surgeons in both divisions along with expansion of their respective research activities.

“I anticipate that our bariatric program in the pediatric population at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center will improve and that we will enhance our foregut footprint in adults at Nebraska Medicine. Similarly, our reputation in collaboration with other specialists will improve as it relates to colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. Both leaders will enable us to increase not only our local referral patterns, but also our referrals from the region.”

Dr. McBride, who was recruited to UNMC 20 years ago by Dr. Thompson, called him an amazing leader and friend, adding that it was a pleasure to step into the new division chief role “to continue the work he has done.”

“We are a division that continues to grow with presences at Nebraska Medical Center, Bellevue Medical Center and the VA, as well as outreach,” Dr. McBride said. “As the division chief, my goals are to continue to grow in alignment with the clinical, educational and research missions.”

Dr. Langenfeld said he was excited for the new role and expressed his gratitude to Dr. Mercer and the search committee.

“My plan is to further cement UNMC as a national leader in colon and rectal surgery by expanding our cancer and IBD programs to serve patients all across Nebraska and our neighboring states,” he said. “We will develop new partnerships and new programs to advance surgical research and ensure that our patients receive the most up-to-date and high-quality care possible.”

Bradley Britigan, MD, dean of the UNMC College of Medicine, congratulated Drs. McBride and Langenfeld on their new roles.

“These are two extraordinary leaders, and we are fortunate to have them,” Dr. Britigan said. “Although we will miss Dr. Thompson, who had such an impact during his time at UNMC, this is an exciting time for the department. With Dr. McBride and Dr. Langenfeld taking on these new roles under Dr. Mercer’s leadership, the department of surgery is well-positioned to provide the best care for our patients.”


  1. Alena Balasanova says:

    Congratulations to both! Very exciting!

  2. Austin Brake says:

    Congratulations Dr. Sean Langenfeld and Dr. McBride!

  3. Dwight Jones says:

    Congratulations to both of these very fine and talented individuals on their promotion to these new roles. We are indeed fortunate to have such great talent at our institution.
    Best of luck in your future endeavors as you further build quality programs. We are proud to have you both here!

  4. Marcela Williams says:

    Congratulations to you both!

  5. Ruben E Quiros-Tejeira, MD says:

    Congratulations to both! Very well deserved.

  6. Tom O’Connor says:

    First of all, a salute to Jon Thompson on an amazing career. Jon never sought the limelight – he just quietly performed his job with excellence and precision. He was an unsung hero – one of UNMC’s stars. Second, congrats to Drs. McBride and Langenfeld. I know you will make Dr. Thompson proud.

  7. Lisa Aguilar says:

    Congratulations to Drs. McBride and Langenfeld! This is wonderful news.

  8. Michele Adkins says:

    Congratulations to these two brilliant humans! Well-deserved!

  9. Krishna Gundabolu says:

    Congratulations to both Drs. McBride & Langenfeld! Good luck and well deserved.

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