Boyd is ‘extremely dedicated to teamwork’

Jesse Boyd

Jesse Boyd

Jesse Boyd, anatomy education specialist and funeral director for genetics, cell biology and anatomy in the UNMC College of Medicine, received the Interprofessional Academy of Educators Catalyst for Education Award at a ceremony during the InnovatED Symposium in September.

The award recognizes an individual in an educational support role whose contributions have been integral to furthering the educational mission at UNMC.

“Every day I work with the best people — faculty, staff and students,” Boyd said. “I enjoy my role in the educational programs because I get to do what I love, with the goal of helping everyone succeed.”

One faculty nominator said: “Jesse is selfless in his actions and extremely dedicated to teamwork. His multiple talents are crucial for the continued advancement of innovation at UNMC.”

A second faculty nominator agreed. “As a vital member of the anatomy teaching team, Jesse is incredibly adept at predicting the needs of the faculty and students. So much of what he does is behind the scenes, and we are so much better as a team with Jesse on it.”

“It is difficult to encapsulate Jesse’s role with a single title. The students and faculty, however, affectionately refer to him as our ‘anatomy wizard,’ because whatever assistance is needed, Jesse will find a way to make the impossible possible,” another faculty member said. “But most impressively, Jesse will always defend the integrity of our donor program, and UNMC is very fortunate to have someone of his moral character in a role where uncompromising ethical standards are essential. As a university, we are indebted to him.”

Boyd said, “Seven years ago, I decided to make a career change from funeral service to education and come to UNMC. This award reminds me that I made the right decision. I am honored to be chosen as this year’s Catalyst for Education Award recipient, and I am proud to be a part of the educational mission of UNMC.”

Other Catalyst for Education Award nominees include:

  • Priti Gandhi, UNMC College of Dentistry
  • Jill McIntosh-Carnes, UNMC College of Medicine
  • Brenda Nickol, UNMC College of Public Health
  • Misty Pocwierz-Gaines, Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases
  • Sarah Slayton, UNMC College of Pharmacy
  • Rita Smith, UNMC College of Medicine
  • Travis Weyant, UNMC College of Medicine

Past recipients for the Catalyst for Education Award include Laura Vinson (2022), Erin Maxwell Snow (2021), Molly Belieu (2020), Kimberly Rothgeb (2019), Megan Brown (2018) and Cindy Colpitts (2017). Award nominations for 2024 will open in spring of next year.


  1. Peggy Moore says:

    Congratulations Jesse !

  2. Rob Norgren says:

    Congratulations Jesse!

  3. Kellie Devney says:

    Congratulations Jesse! Well deserved–you are the absolute best to work with!

  4. Megan Brown says:

    Congratulations, Jesse! You are deserving of this award and we are fortunate to have you on our team. I am grateful for your friendship as well.

  5. Shantaram Joshi says:

    Very well deserved recognition, we are proud of you!

  6. Benjamin Hall says:

    Congratulations Jesse! You are such great help not only to the anatomy education program. But you are a great asset to the Anatomical Board of Nebraska too. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Travis McCumber says:

    Congratulations Jesse. Thank you for everything you do for GCBA, COM, UNMC, and the State of Nebraska.


  8. Naresh Mutha says:

    Congratulation Dr.

    Glad to be in GCBA-UNMC

  9. Samantha Simet says:

    Congratulations! Very well deserved for all you do. It is a joy and honor to get to work with you.

  10. Cierra Goerish says:

    Congratulations, Jesse! Thank you for everything you have done for us students. You truly are, an ‘anatomy wizard’, we can always count on you to answer any question we have in the anatomy lab.

  11. Nathan Bills says:

    Congratulations Jesse. You have consistently been extremely helpful and richly deserve this reward!

  12. Ashley McLeod says:

    Congratulations! Jesse is a quality, class individual in all he does. It was a pleasure to be associated with him and his family while they were in Valdosta,

  13. J. Graham Sharp. says:


  14. Lynne Niemeyer says:

    Congratulations Jesse!! Awesome!

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