UNMC’s greatest asset? Students answer: The people

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The University of Nebraska Board of Regents’ visit to our campus on Oct. 4 and 5 called for a special welcome.

What better message than to illustrate why #WeLoveUNMC?

We asked 10 students to tell us about their experience here.

We wanted to know:

  • Why UNMC? What won you over? 
  • Career goals post-graduation?
  • What experiences here already have exceeded your expectations?
  • What has UNMC taught you about yourself?
  • What’s the learning environment like?
  • What’s UNMC’s greatest asset?
  • What campus resources have you taken advantage of?
  • Biggest pride point for you about being at UNMC?

Every student said UNMC’s greatest asset is “the people.”

We hear that all the time. It’s genuine and points to the fact that UNMC isn’t just a place. It’s a family. United by a desire, a calling, a commitment to improve the lives of others.


  1. Phil Covington says:

    What a privilege we have to work with learners like these every day!

  2. Andrea Swett says:

    This is just an awesome thing to see! The types of future healthcare providers UNMC produces is just amazing. I am proud to work here.

  3. Giovanni Jones says:

    I love everything about this video!

  4. Marquita N Govan says:

    LOVE to see UNMC exceeding expectations!

  5. Suchita Vishwakarma says:

    This made my day!! Honored to be a part of UNMC

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