Aldhafiri sees clinical pharmacology as ‘a bridge’

Wafaa Aldahafiri

Wafaa Aldahafiri

A Graduate Studies student spotlight!

Name: Wafaa Aldhafiri

Hometown: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Graduate Studies program: Pharmaceutical sciences graduate program

Wafaa Aldhafiri, center, on ground, was part of a Graduate Student Association (GSA) team in the 2022 Keep Omaha Beautiful clean water challenge.

Anticipated graduation: May 2024

Advisor: DJ Murry, PharmD

What do you love about your field of study? What I love about clinical pharmacology is the opportunity to serve as a bridge, linking diverse disciplines and constructing a cohesive picture that ensures the safety and effectiveness of drugs for a smooth market introduction.

After I graduate: I don’t know yet. I am open to exploring various avenues as long as they involve fascinating science and contribute to the betterment of society.

Why UNMC for your graduate education? I joined UNMC because of my interest in working with Dr. DJ Murry. Witnessing the success of his previous students and recognizing his exceptional skills as a mentor and educator motivated me to apply. I am grateful that my expectations have been met and even exceeded during my time here.

People don’t know that: I am a certified yoga instructor.