Medical student of the month, November 2023

Nam Nguyen

Nam Nguyen

Name: Nam Nguyen

Hometown: Hue, Vietnam

Program/Year: Third-year medical student   

Education: BS, biochemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Hobbies: Traveling, outdoor activities, and trying out different cuisines  

What do you do to stay balanced? I always take Friday night off to do something that I enjoy such as watching a movie, playing some board games, or trying out a new restaurant in town. Although things can get really busy in medical school, I try to visit my parents in Grand Island every couple of weeks or after an exam. 

Three things people may not know about me:  

  • I like rewatching Korean dramas (I have watched “The Glory” on Netflix three times).
  • In fifth grade, I spent an entire summer reading Dragon Ball comics.
  • I used to like eating fish eyes.


  1. Ashlyn O'Leary says:

    Congratulations, Nam!

  2. Marcia Macomber says:

    Great job Nam.

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