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Nebraska Medical Orchestra and Choir to perform

Matthew Brooks, DMA, director of the Nebraska Medical Orchestra

Matthew Brooks, DMA, director of the Nebraska Medical Orchestra

The Nebraska Medical Orchestra and Choir will hold its annual Winter Concert on Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 7:30 p.m.

The Nebraska Medical Choir, under the direction of Katrina Cox, PhD, will perform a set of holiday carols and Vivaldi’s choral masterwork “Gloria,” which features two soprano soloists, the choir and members of the Nebraska Medical Orchestra.

Katrina Cox, PhD, director of the Nebraska Medical Choir

“This is the first time that the Nebraska Medical Choir is performing multiple movements of a masterwork. Each semester the ensemble has continued to grow in skill and blend,” Dr. Cox said. “We are so excited to collaborate with members of the Nebraska Medical Orchestra and UNO faculty.” 

The Nebraska Medical Orchestra, under the direction of Matthew Brooks, DMA, will be performing familiar classical works by Beethoven and von Suppe, as well as holiday favorites.

“We look forward to sharing the talents of the medical musicians with our UNMC community and the greater Omaha community,” Dr. Brooks said.

UNMC graduate student Stephen Sobota, who plays the bassoon, said being a part of the orchestra has been a great opportunity to connect with experts in numerous fields of science and medicine on a professional level but also to meet students, professors and physicians from completely different programs.

“Being able to come together and perform alongside these people is something that I truly value and showcases the diverse strengths and talents of the NMO community,” he said. “I would highly recommend everyone attend our upcoming concert to see the work this group has put in over the course of the semester.

“And if you are interested in joining, please don’t hesitate. There is something in our group for everyone.”

UNMC Associate Vice Chancellor for Clinical Research Russell McCulloh, MD, has been a part of the of the Nebraska Medical Orchestra since its debut in Dec. 2018. He said he has seen firsthand the profound, positive impact on the musicians and audiences.

“It is a very special group to me and something that makes our universities and our community truly special,” Dr. McCulloh said. “We get folks from all sorts of disciplines and roles in medicine, trainees to experienced leaders, to come together and make music. For me, it’s both wellness and community combined.” 

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  1. Pat says:

    We all knew that Matt was headed for greatness. It was such a pleasure knowing him when he was a doctoral student at JMU and music director at a small country church. We love following his career.

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