New faculty spotlight: Brian Carey Sims, PhD

Brian Carey Sims, PhD

Brian Carey Sims, PhD

Brian Carey Sims, PhD, is a new faculty member at UNMC.

  • Name: Brian Carey Sims, PhD
  • Title and department at UNMC: Associate professor, UNMC College of Public Health, department of health promotion; director, Center for Metrics and Evaluation
  • Hometown: Waukegan, Illinois

Research/professional interests: Program evaluation, school mental health, agricultural life and sustainability, and human justice and healing, with a particular emphasis on the implications of media for individuals, families and communities of African descent.

How I fell in love with health promotion:

I fell in love with health promotion during my time as an interdisciplinary research leaders fellow at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


  • PhD, education and psychology, University of Michigan, 2006
  • MA, social psychology, University of Michigan, 2003
  • BA, psychology, Florida A&M University, 2001


  • National Advisory Committee Member, Health Policy Research Scholars, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Senior Advisor for Alumni Affairs, Interdisciplinary Research Leaders, University of Minnesota

Things people may not know about me:

I am:

  • An aspiring quantum physicist;
  • In the fight club hall of fame;
  • An African psychologist;
  • A low-budget film critic;
  • A Cubs fan; and
  • Undefeated in ‘90s hip hop trivia.


  1. Nicole Kolm-Valdivia says:

    Welcome, Dr. Sims! We’re so glad you’ve joined the COPH!

  2. Dr. Sheritta Strong says:

    Welcome to UNMC, Dr. Sims!

    1. BSims says:

      Many thanks Dr. Strong!!

  3. Regina Emily Idoate says:

    We are so fortunate!! Congratulations, Dr. Sims!! So happy for you! So happy for us!

  4. Stacey Coleman says:

    Welcome to UNMC and the College of Public Health, Dr. Sims. (from your Friendly Cardinals fan! )

    1. BSims says:

      Thanks Stacey. Also, Go Cubs.

      1. Chuck Behensky says:

        Cubs? As a Sox fan it’s tough, but I’ll still offer well-deserved congratulations to you!

  5. Anthony Blake says:

    Welcome, Dr. Sims! I can’t wait to discuss the discreteness of spacetime, fiber bundles, and singularities in the break room.

    1. BSims says:

      Future Dr. Blake! Don’t forget expansionary cosmology. I will be rooting for you at your defense, good brother.

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