Parking services urges drivers: Slow down

Campus parking officials are asking drivers to slow down through campus parking lots and garages.

Frank Bauldwin, parking and transportation supervisor with UNMC Parking Services, said that over the last several weeks, there has been a notable increase in vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed in med center parking lots and garages. As a result, complaints have increased from patients, visitors and staff, he said.

Last week, UNMC Parking Services emailed an advisory to people who have campus parking permits, reminding that the speed limit in all parking lots and garages is 7 miles per hour.

“The campus continues to place a high value on the safety of our students, faculty and staff,” the advisory said. It later added: “We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our campus safe by observing all posted speed limits and being mindful of your surroundings.”


  1. Greg Kubik says:

    I hope that parking services realizes that the majority of cars speeding thru parking lot 17 are not employees. There are people taking short cuts thru lot 17 and along Emily St. because of the construction at the intersection of Saddle Creek and Leavenworth, which started a few weeks ago.

  2. Sandra Sundsbo says:

    Drivers also ignore pedestrians trying to get across walkways safely.

    Speeding has become a problem on campus before Saddle Creek/Leavenworth construction.

  3. Debbie Headley says:

    I think campus police/traffic drivers need to also be reminded of these rules. Maybe not in the parking garages but around campuses on the streets.I have seen numerous campus staff drivers not going the speed limit by Buffet Cancer Center. Since the pedEX sign is down it seems its open to the speed limit. Doctors-campus staff-visitors-courteous staff to get cars-employees (general supply trucks-facilites etc) Some will stop but some will not. Maybe putting the sign back might be a start?

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