Learn about owls at UNMC’s next Science Café

Join Kathy Fischer and Patty Albright from the Fontenelle Forest Raptor Program for the Tuesday, May 14, Omaha Science Café as they present, “The Science of Owls,” at 7 p.m. at the Slowdown.

This interactive Science Café will give attendees an up-close look at owls and the chance to dissect owl pellets.

Fischer is the manager of Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Program. She has worked with birds of prey for 10 years and manages the team of raptor volunteers, who feed and care for all the non-releasable birds that live in the Raptor Woodland Refuge at Fontenelle Forest.

Albright has volunteered with the forest’s raptor team for more than 20 years.

Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Woodland Refuge is a canopy-level exhibit 30 feet above the forest floor. Designed according to the natural habitat of the rescued birds housed within these mews, the refuge is home to more than two dozen birds of prey, including bald eagles, turkey vultures, a Swainson’s hawk, ferruginous hawk, gyrfalcon, peregrine falcon, Eastern screech owl and more. All of the raptors who live at the forest are non-releasable due to a variety of factors, many involving previous injuries. These birds would not survive on their own and cannot be released.

Some of these non-releasable birds have joined Fontenelle Forest’s roster of educational birds for outreach and education programs. These programs allow staff and volunteers the opportunity to speak to the public about the vital role raptors play in our ecosystem and conservation efforts to protect them for generations to come.

Learn more about the birds of prey that call Fontenelle Forest home and how to support efforts in raptor conservation and education.


  1. Marnee Strege says:

    Do we need to purchase tickets for this event?

    1. Jeffrey Robb says:

      Hi, Marnee. Our Science Cafes are free and open to the public – please stop by to learn about owls.

  2. JohnStepehen Hartman says:

    Well I went to the event last night and it was great turn out the lady’s that ran the owl event with the UNMC staff did a remarkable job it was a fun experience all around.

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