Top modules from e-learning showcase announced

Student participants demonstrated their e-modules to event attendees at the 2024 E-Learning Showcase.

Student participants demonstrated their e-modules to event attendees at the 2024 E-Learning Showcase.

The 2024 Innovators in Education E-Learning Showcase was held in-person last month. The event drew people from across all colleges and multiple campuses and had a 51% increase in attendance over the previous year.

New this year, all projects were demonstrated at the same time, allowing attendees to interact with all the modules in just one hour. A digital course of the projects was made available following the showcase for UNMC faculty, staff and students who were unable to attend.

Attendees both in person and in the digital course were able to vote for the top modules. Three development teams were awarded top honors, including:

E-Learning Scorecard Best Practices Winner: “Ergonomics in Dental Practice: A Path to Healthier Careers
Developed by Amanda Ribeiro Wobido, DDS, Kenedi Holck and Nori Khalaf from the UNMC College of Dentistry, and Stacy Smallfield, DrOT, and Payton Swanson from the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions

Audience Choice Winner: “Sodium and Water Balance of IV Fluids
Developed by Paul Dobesh, PharmD, Gabe Codling, Bria Tomlin, Carissa Wilson from the UNMC College of Pharmacy

Audience Choice Runner-Up: “Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing Guide: The Right Test for The Right Patient at the Right Time
Developed by Kevin McGuire, Loany Ryder, Julio Esteban Martinez and Taeler Gee from the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions and Sara Hurtado Bares, MD, Jim Medder, MD, Jonathan Ryder, MD, and Priya Verbik from the UNMC College of Medicine

“I really enjoyed the experience, and making the e-module was a chance to be creative and try new things,” said Kenedi Holck, a dental student from one of the winning teams. “We worked with another interprofessional school and were able to collaborate on a project important to both of our studies. In my experience, the program provides a new way to teach important topics to others in your field. The showcase was a great ending to the project — I met many different people from across UNMC, and I was able to talk to other professions about the importance of ergonomics.” 

Fellow student Taeler Gee agreed. “The in-person event was very impactful for me, as I didn’t realize that our module could be valuable to such a broad audience. I enjoyed getting real-time feedback and having the chance to think about and showcase which parts of the module we were most proud of.”

“As with my previous project, I really enjoyed the helpfulness of the e-learning lab,” said two-time program participant Carissa Wilson. “Everyone is eager to help you reach the vision you are looking for.”

Participants also appreciated the new setup of the showcase, where all the modules were highlighted concurrently instead of split into two separate sessions. “I really enjoyed the way the showcase was set up this year,” Wilson said. “It was so cool to see everyone all in one place who worked on an e-module. I think the setup should be done that way in years to come.”

All the modules are available in the UNMC E-Gallery for use in courses or for self-guided learning.

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