A thank you from President-elect Gold

Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, president-elect of the University of Nebraska System and current chancellor at UNMC, sent this message Friday to the students, faculty and staff of the University of Nebraska.

Over these past few weeks, as we’ve celebrated the achievements of thousands of new University of Nebraska graduates, we have all been reminded once again why we do what we do.

Indeed, there’s a reason I’ve officiated more than 90 commencements and convocations over my now decade-plus journey across our 500-mile Nebraska campus. Seeing the pride and joy on our students’ faces as they cross that stage and sharing in the excitement of their family and friends is an experience unlike any other. Commencement represents the fundamental reason the University of Nebraska exists: To transform the lives of students and people around the world through quality, accessible education, research, engagement and health care that builds the workforce and communities of the future.

It is with this mission in mind that we prepare for our next steps. On behalf of my family, I simply want to say thank you for the opportunity to serve as the ninth president of this remarkable institution. I am grateful to the Board of Regents for placing their trust in me, and to each of you for allowing me to serve alongside you in this role. Over the next month I will be working closely with Interim President Kabourek, our chancellors and leadership teams to continue to prepare for a seamless transition.

Most of all, I thank every Nebraskan – rural and urban, whether an employee, student, alum or taxpayer – who took time to engage in the presidential search process and share their ideas, hopes and dreams about our University’s future. As a Nebraskan not by birth but by choice, I am certain of this: We all want to see a thriving University of Nebraska that every young person dreams of attending – a University, as I shared during visits to each of our campuses, that is poised to rise from excellence to true eminence.

We are well-positioned to achieve these new heights, in part because we have been leading the way for over 155 years already, a credit to your work and the work of those who came before us. We are blessed with world-class faculty, staff and students; elected leaders who have been enthusiastic partners throughout our history; highly engaged philanthropic donors whose generosity has extended our impact well beyond what would otherwise be possible; and a citizenry that is deeply invested in our success and continues to entrust us with the sacred care and education of their children.

All the ingredients are in place for us to achieve eminence. It is our responsibility to take advantage of the opportunities before us and work together to create the future we desire. I can’t wait to continue on this journey with you.

Thank you again for all you do for our students and the University of Nebraska. Please take time this summer to rest and recharge, and I look forward to connecting again soon.

Jeffrey P. Gold, MD
President-Elect, University of Nebraska System


  1. Nancy Waltman says:

    Thank you Dr. Gold for all your contributions in making UNMC an esteemed medical center.

  2. Robert S Bridge says:

    Very excited for your new life chapter and the best leadership for the University of Nebraska System.

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