Retired professor donates to help psychotherapy training

Carl Greiner, MD

Retired UNMC Department of Psychiatry Professor Carl Greiner, MD, made a significant donation to grow psychotherapy. 

According to the University of Nebraska Foundation, the fund will be used to support faculty, residents or trainees interested in consultation-liaison, medical/psychiatry or psychotherapy training in the UNMC Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Greiner would like the fund to be used to support a diversity of experiences that could involve bringing in speakers, travel awards or other ways of enhancing training in these domains. 

Faculty or staff can request up to $4,000 per experience.

Dr. Greiner served in the UNMC Department of Psychiatry from 1982-2016. Along with being an adult psychiatrist and director of medical education, he worked as a consultant/liaison psychiatist in outpatient psychiatry. Additionally, he worked with cancer and transplant patients. 

While Dr. Greiner held many roles in the department, he came to UNMC to teach psychotherapy, and the specialty holds a special place in his heart. 

“It’s a hard time right now for psychotherapy, but we need to continue to find a place for it in our teaching and treatment,” Dr. Greiner said. 

He hopes faculty and staff members can use funds to travel to other training programs and study psychotherapy. 

“The intent is not to make people full-time psychotherapists, but, instead, make people comfortable doing some psychotherapy with patients,” Dr. Greiner said. “I hope to encourage people, if interested, to go to a place where large programs get training.” 

The award was donated in Karen Greiner’s name. She is the sister of Dr. Greiner, and she died from brain cancer. Dr. Greiner said a behavioral health care specialist who can work with cancer patients is a huge need. 


  1. Howard Liu, MD, MBA, Chair, Dept. Psychiatry says:

    We appreciate Dr. Greiner’s decades of service to our department and to our medical center in a variety of roles, and this gift will empower the next generation to embrace CL psychiatry and psychotherapy training. Truly a generous gift that will shape the future!

  2. Tom O’Connor says:

    As always, Dr. Greiner hits it out of the ballpark. What a great idea to help people going through cancer. Well done, Carl!

  3. Jim Harper says:

    Build up Grief training. Severe hole in the overall readiness of psychiatrists in treating this. As we get older as a society, we will see more people with spousal loss grief and we have very few people trained in that. Also, we have NO ONE trained in grief therapy for children. In a state of 2 million and home to Boystown, that it something that should be a priority to fix.

    1. Daniel Gih says:

      Yes, we need more trauma-trained providers.

      The Collective for Hope and Endless Journey provide services here in the Omaha area.

  4. Lynn Borstelmann says:

    Kudos to Dr. Greiner for his generosity and desire to support psychotherapy for patients into the future.

  5. Marsha Morien says:

    Much thanks to Dr. Greiner for supporting very significant psychiatric needs.

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