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Video: Dr. Davies offers his welcome as interim chancellor

UNMC Interim Chancellor Dele Davies, MD

Last week, Dele Davies, MD, became interim chancellor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center after serving 12 years as UNMC’s chief academic officer.

As Interim Chancellor, Dr. Davies shared this message with the faculty, staff and students of UNMC.

“I am very excited to see what we will accomplish together,” he said.

Click the Play button below to see his welcome message.


  1. Ronald Krueger says:

    Welcome to Dr. Dele Davies as UNMC’s Interim Chancellor! We look forward to working together under your leadership…

  2. Chris Christen says:

    Congrats on your appointment, Dr. Davies. Wishing you all the best in guiding UNMC with your wisdom and vision!

  3. Harold M Maurer, MD says:

    Congratulations, Dele. Hal Maurer

  4. Harold M Maurer, MD says:

    Congratulations, Dele. Well deserved.
    Hal Maurer

  5. Mo Shukry says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Davies. Well deserved and we appreciate your trusted leadership.

  6. Dr. Sheritta Strong says:

    Thanks Dr. Davies for your leadership! Congratulations!

  7. Michael Sitorius says:

    Congratulations Dele. Your experience and commitment to excellence and teamwork will help UNMC continue to move forward. Mike Sitorius

  8. Joseph Siu says:

    Congratulations Dr Davies! On behalf of UNMC faculty senate, we are looking forward to working with you in coming academic year. Thanks for your leadership and dedication to UNMC.

  9. Paulo Shila says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Davies. Well deserved

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