What are your hours of operation?  
·EMCF staff are available from 9 A.M. – 5 P.M. Monday through Friday to preform services or provide assistance to users.
Do you train users to operate equipment?  

·Yes, users may elect to be trained on any process or instrumentation provided by the facility. A Request for access form is required for all users who wish to receive training.

·During the initial appointment, EMCF staff will demonstrate the technique or procedure to be learned.

·On subsequent appointments, the user will be perform the process with guidance until they are able to complete the task without assistance.

·Initially, trained users will be restricted to standard hours of operation when staff are available.

·Upon consistent demonstration of independence, users may be granted 24/7 access via electronic keycard.

How do I initiate a project?  

·To initiate a project, users must complete the Project Proposal form that can be found online, or sent on request. Note: University of Nebraska users must provide a valid Cost Center number before any services can be provided.

·Users outside the University of Nebraska system will be billed monthly via invoice.

·After completion of the Project Proposal form, an initial consultation will be scheduled to discuss project details. For simple projects, this meeting may not be necessary, but a Project Proposal form will still be required.

Where do I obtain the appropriate fixative for my project?  
·If samples require fixation, a solution of appropriately buffered EM grade Paraformaldehyde/Glutaraldehyde will be provided by the EMCF.
What should I keep in mind during sample collection?  

·Users are responsible for tissue/sample collection. To improve ultrastructural preservation and facilitate diffusion of processing reagents, tissue should be no greater than 1mm in at least one plane. (e.g. 1x1mm cube, 1x5mm slice, monolayer cell culture, etc.)

·Due to increased processing time, monolayer cell cultures are considered “non-standard TEM samples” and will be billed as such.

·Avoid excessive handling of the sample during dissection/collection

·Avoid contact with air during dissection/collection

How will data be provided?  

·Users having samples processed for them by the core staff are encouraged to be present during imaging, and will be notified by phone or email when their samples are ready to be imaged. If users are unable to be present during imaging, a detailed description of the required data to be collected should be laid out in the Project Proposal form.  

·All images will be provided digitally on CD. No outside storage media is allowed.

Do I need to acknowledge the facility in publications?  
·Yes, if data acquired in the EMCF are to be published, please include the Acknowledgement Statement found here. A notification of any published data and a link to the citation would be appreciated.
What is the lead-time or turn-around time for my project?  

·Due to the amount of time required for sample processing and analysis, users are encouraged to plan projects well in advance of any deadlines. Turn-around time depends on the individual project and can become lengthy.

·A standard TEM project can take anywhere from one week to a few months to complete.